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ADT Home Security Monitoring Service Review

ADT Home Security Monitoring Service Review

ADT is one of the biggest security companies in North America that provides a wide range of products and services to both homeowners and business owners. The company is known for offering a wide variety of home security products and services catered the unique needs of their clients. The ADT Home Security Monitoring Service is rated highly out of many the home security monitoring solutions that you will find in the market today. The reason could be because of their ability to offer outstanding customer service, as well as affordable and highly innovative home security products and services. On this review, we’ll discuss more about ADT and find out why the company could be your number one choice for home security solutions.

ADT Pulse

One of the most innovative products that ADT offers is the ADT Pulse. The product gives consumers an interactive control over their home security monitoring system and allows for outstanding home automation. This is actually an app on a mobile phone allowing you to be able to fully monitor all of your home electronics and devices. You also have the option to install lighting as well as security cameras in your home, which you can activate and monitor through your mobile phone.

Highly Innovative

ADT Pulse is perhaps one of the most innovative home security solutions that you will ever find in the market today. With this system, you will be able to set a schedule for the lights to turn in automatically at dusk and you can fully integrate a security camera to it, along with a motion sensor, such that the camera will automatically turn on the moment the motion sensor detects a movement on certain hours. With ADT Home Security Monitoring Service, you can choose to setup a system that could record your kids coming home from school each day by programming your camera to record every motion in between 3 to 4 PM. This is ideal for parents who will not be able to fully monitor their kids at home due to their busy commitment at work.

Wide Range of Products and Services

ADT is one of the few security companies that offer a wide range of products and services. From security device packages to a very simple monitoring system, everything is available for you. When you decide to sign up for ADT’s Home Security Monitoring Service, the company will immediately send in a technician who will visit your home and identify areas in your house that needs security. The technician will also recommend security packages and other home security devices that are catered to your needs. The home security system will be able to cover up everything, from protection against home intrusion, including fire safety and other emergencies.

The customer support offered by ADT is also outstanding. You can reach them via phone and they will be able to immediately attend to your every need, or you can take advantage of this special offer that they currently have (it’s a PDF document so it may take a few seconds to load). Make sure you mention the promotion code so you can take advantage of the deal.

ADT Phone: 1 888 556 6608 – Promotion Code A98154

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